We cater to people’s need for knowledge.

We offer equal opportunities for disabled persons.

For disabled persons, we improved the access in 7 Romanian museums through “Feel the Art”, a project with 4 chapters and over 3.000 beneficiaries.

For visually impaired persons, we’re developing THATS.wiki, an app for iOS that will improve their study styles.

We equipped 5 special schools for visually impaired with iPad tablets through “Elephant Step”, a project with 1234 beneficiaries.

Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare Urbana

Nr. înreg. în reg. Asoc. și Fund. 35 / A / 2009,

Dosar Trib. Buc. nr. 150 / 20.01.2009,

Sediu: Str. Știrbei Vodă, nr. 158, bl. 23A, ap. 7, sector 1, București, România,

Cont Bancar: RO42RNCB0072135032030001, BCR bank

CUI: 2506683

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