Feel the Art in 6 museums – museums’ accessibility project for people with disabilities

The Urban Development Association is pleased to announce that the project “Feel the Art in 6 museums” funded by Orange Foundation, it takes place this year in three cities and 6 museums: The Art Museum from Timisoara, The “Muresenilor House ” from Brasov, The National Military Museum “King Ferdinand I”, The National Art Museum from Romania, The National Museum of Contemporary Art from Romania, The Romanian Peasant Museum.

The project will take place between 1st of  May to 31st of October 2013 and aims to improve access for people with disabilities in 6 museums. Overall the Feel the Art project value is 63.251 Euro and, after winning the funding program “The world through color and sound” Orange Foundation finances the project with 52.287 Euro.

The objectives of the project are:

– Bring in the museums equipment and services adapted to people with disabilities (dedicated exhibits, tangible, catalogs, Braille maps, tactile carpets, electrical lysis, audio guides, interpreters);

– Organizing visits and free workshops in  museums;

– Raising awareness and promoting access opportunities in museums for persons with disabilities.

The first visits and workshops have already started in three cities and will continue throughout the project. Among the workshops already held include perfume workshops (whre children learn to create their own perfume) at The National Museum of Contemporary Art, workshops installing and removing weapons from The National Military Museum “King Ferdinand I”, workshops musical sounds at The Romanian Peasant Museum.

In addition, preparing the museum accessibility through reproductions of sculptures, models, collages and 3D paintings reproductions, that visually impared people can touch them. There will also be created audio guides and catalogs in Braille for both museums and schools for visually impared children.

These days, at the Art Museum Timişoara was installed the tactile carpet and will be madereproductions and catalogs in Braille describing the museum and reproductions. Tactil carpet is complemented by  audio guides for people with visually impared. The museum will be equipped with an electric lysis for access of people in wheelchairs.

The Museum “Casa Muresenilor” from Brasov will be carried out with six reproductions for visually impared people: 3 busts (of Andrei Muresanu, Jacob Mureşianu, Sevastia Mureşianu), a scale model of the museum Casa Mureşenilor with its exhibits, two reliefs after photos of editorial Gazeta Transilvania and the poet Stefan Baciu. There will also be created catalogs in Braille with the describtion of the museum and reproductions.

Coordinators of visits and workshops in the project Feel the Art from museums are Ozana Nitulescu (The National Art Museum), Raluca Minoiu (The Romanian Peasant Museum) Tudor Toader (The National Military Museum), Irina Radu and Mălina Ionescu (The National Museum of Contemporary Art), Ovidiu Savu (The “Casa Muresenilor” Museum from Brasov), Marius Cornea (The Art Museum from Timişoara)

About Orange Foundation

Orange Foundation is at the heart of philanthropy and corporate and social responsibility policy of Orange Romania. Philanthropic projects is a way to demonstrate and apply the Orange brand values.

The main targets endorsed by Orange Foundation are detection and early treatment of hearing deficiencies in an attempt to limit the consequences of disability concerned, the integration of persons with visually, speech and hearing impaired in the community by facilitating their access to education, culture and health .


Florentina Stroe – Project Manager “Feel the Art”, tel: 0723.823.315, florentina.stroe@procivic.ro

Zechariah Runa-Irimescu – PR manager, volunteer ADU – runa.zaharia@procivic.ro

Dan Patzelt – ADU President (Manager), Tel: 0722.594.485, dan.patzelt@procivic.ro