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Bank Deposit

Submit the amount you wish to donate in ADU account opened at BCR: RO42RNCB0072135032030001

Recurring Donations

Log into your Internet Banking account and set a scheduled payment option. You choose the amount, duration (ex. 1 year) and frequency (eg. monthly).

20% of Corporation Tax

To deduct 20% of the corporation tax due to the state, a company can enter into a sponsorship agreement with ADU.

Money order

Send a money order and complete it with the dates below of the Association with word “donation”.

2% of income tax

If you are employed, download the 230 form and complete it with your names, dates and address. If you had declared income from other sources (copyright, professions, rents etc.), download 200 form and complete it with your name and address.

Sign the form on the place indicated for signature. The authorities will complete the sum represented 2% , do not need it you do.

Send the completed form by post or courier to headquarters financial administration you belongs (according to the address from your ID) or at ADU. You can also send it scanned by e-mail to us.


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Thank you for supporting our NGO

The Urban Development Association

Headquarters: Str. Stirbei Voda, no. 158 bl. 23A, ap. 7, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

Bank account: RO42RNCB0072135032030001, BCR

CUI: 2506683

Nr. înreg. în reg. Asoc. și Fund. 35 / A / 2009

Dosar Trib. Buc. nr. 150 / 20.01.2009

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