When I read the manual “Let’s Do It, Romania” was a bit scary: human bodies, unexploded projectiles; but nevertheless I wanted very much to participate. I did not think to succeed because it seemed impossible to reach at 8 am at the point of registration.

I was lucky. Neither Dan could not get in the morning and, having transportation, we went a bit later. Arrived at Brico Militari we were assigned to Teghea forest.

The adventure begins: Marcel (GPS) drove (led) us on unpaved roads with “craters”, besides countless piles of garbage. We wished we can gather them all, but we kept going hoping to find team where we had been assigned. We passed a river which was in good hands – another team Let’s Do It Romania cleaned it already. We reached the entrance to a village where was another team, but we already gone for long enough and we decided to join them. We had reached a makeshift landfill, and our colleagues welcomed us with open arms. At first I looked terrified to cover dozens of square meters of waste, but once I filled the first bag, next were not so disgusting, especially as we had fun by various founded objects. Moreover, after we finished “endowment” bags, we asked to an organizer to bring us more and he complied.

What was truly disgusting were people passing: most of them not even looking at us, others throw us disgusted looks and others even make a little remark like “I would not grab garbage even if you would give me a million”. And to our outraged  question “Do you know who throw garbage here?” we received some answers full of carelessness, such as “others”, “Gypsies from the other side of the village”, “the people of Bucharest”.

However, there were two moments of maximum satisfaction, moments when we realized that our work has had an effect.

The first great moment was when a villager, with his only 9 years old granddaughter, armed with rubber gloves came to help us gather the garbage. Certainly granddaughter will tales to other children at school what she did on Saturday. Now that’s a reward for our work!

The second wonderful moment was when we left. When we looked back, we saw the difference: it was not perfectly clean but definitely we could see the lack of approx. 70 bags of trash gathered by us!

When we went on the road, again by holes through Marcel drove(led) us, I had the satisfaction that I did something that matters, and this time I could not see piles of garbage but everywhere I saw bags arrange roadside , waiting for the garbage truck to come and raise them. Everywhere it had done cleaning!

Romania, we did it!