3D Perspective on prehistory.

Heritage of Gumelnita Civilization Museum



Three-dimensional digitization (scanning and 3D modeling) of about 50 objects from the Neolithic and Eneolithic


Conservation through digitization of a part of the Museum’s collection, promotion and enhancement of heritage, education

Among the museums in Romania digitizing 3D technique of the objects of archaeological or cultural heritage it has not been used until now with two exceptions: National Museum of Romanian History by the project 3DIcons and Oltenia Museum from Craiova in a project funded through(by) structural programs.
The Urban Development Association has advised in this project of Gumelnita Civilization Civilization, thus spreading the experience gained by our project, Feel the Art.

The project achieved three-dimensional digitization (scanning and 3D modeling) of a number of about 50 objects from the Neolithic and Eneolithic, belonging especially Gumelnita culture (c. 4500 BC) as well as Bronze and Iron ages, under collection of Gumelnita Civilization Civilization from Oltenita in Calarasi county. It is optained as conservation and increasing visibility of cultural heritage, as increasing the contribution of Romania to the European Digital Library, Europeana.

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