THATS (Touch & Hear Assistive Teaching System)

A digital encyclopedia for visually impaired persons, with images and audio tracks, using assistive technology and e-learning.


To improve the educational process for visually impaired persons.

Currently, visually impaired persons have limited educational resources and this limits their career perspectives and quality of life. Between 2014 and 2015 we developed a carefully research in some special schools for visually impaired people from Romania and it was born an innovative concept and a list of technical specifications to develop an educational app for iPad and iPhone: THATS (Touch and Hear Assistive Teaching System).
THATS will be an encyclopedia of images and audio tracks with informations about interest images. By edit module, anyone can contribut with educational materials and by read module, visually impaired people can study topics they are passionate about. By using THATS, visually impared people will integrate better into educational system, will be better trained and they will have more jobs opportunities. The prototype we had develop in 2015, can be downloaded from THATS website.
We are building a personal development tool for:

millions of visually impaired people

millions of blind people

Create educational material:

1. UPLOAD an image
2. SELECT various areas of interest
3. RECORD audio tracks with info
4. SHARE the material in our library


1. DOWNLOAD an image and print it using tactile tech
2. Put the image under your iPAD or iPhone webcam
3. TOUCH the area using your finger and listen the audio track (info)

Life-Changing Benefits

Inclusive education

Blind students can learn hand-in-hand with their colleagues, not being left out

Individual study

Blind students will not require any assistance from teachers or parents


Lots of knowledge in any subject, be it geography, biology or even math

Bibliotecă online

Piste audio cu informaţii legate de zone de interes ale unor imagini gata de listat


THATS opens up a world full of opportunities at school, at work, at home

Free to use

THATS will be available for free in the App Store, with cheap in-app purchases

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There is strength in numbers

You can contribute by volunteering, donations or sponsorships