There will be a platform for e-learning about the environment, which will be promoted through a series of regional european conferences


Promoting messages which support the importance of maintaining a clean natural environment.


The Association of Senior Citizens’ Initiative (Coordinator, RO), Inercia Digital (Spa), Plastic Food Project (Ita), European Institute (Lit) and BASD (Bg)

The project shall run for a period of two years (2015-2017) and includes environmental awareness events. The partner organizations will provide a platform for e-learning to explain how to design and organize civic events centered on art installations.

Dan Patzelt, head (president) of Urban Development Association, gaves two educational workshops in the project for awareness of the target group on the issue of plastics in the living environment.

The Urban Development Association

Nr. înreg. în reg. Asoc. și Fund. 35 / A / 2009,

Dosar Trib. Buc. nr. 150 / 20.01.2009,

Headquarters: Str. Știrbei Vodă, nr. 158, bl. 23A, ap. 7, sector 1, București, România,

Bank account: RO42RNCB0072135032030001, deschis la BCR

CUI: 2506683

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