Office for Lost, Stolen  or Founded Items (2007 – present)


Assisting people who lose / find various personal items or pets.


Development and maintenance of an online and free ads platforms.

Lost pets on the dangerous streets of the city, ID-es with memory problems, bags with hurt feelings on the buses, keys that have lost their meaning in the world, wallets in trouble and so on. This is a picture of some (unhappy / unfortunate) sad stories with all kind of characters, lost or found daily by dozens of people. Sometimes they found their owners by the willingness of the people.
To help solve this problem, we started in 2009 the project Office for Lost, Stolen or Founded Items.

We developed a free ads website, accessible from any device connected to the Internet. Through this service, the misfortune of losing their various personal items is transformed into giving luck to recover them spread the word on the Internet. Also, we help those who find lost objects accidentaly to do a good deed.
You can support the initiative by promoting the website and distributing ads on social networks (any like or share is an important step for a happy ending), or you can support us through donations and sponsorships to can offer a continuity of the project.


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The Urban Development Association

Nr. înreg. în reg. Asoc. și Fund. 35 / A / 2009,

Dosar Trib. Buc. nr. 150 / 20.01.2009,

Headquarters: Str. Știrbei Vodă, nr. 158, bl. 23A, ap. 7, sector 1, București, România,

Bank account: RO42RNCB0072135032030001, deschis la BCR

CUI: 2506683

There is strength in numbers

You can contribute by volunteering, donations or sponsorships